The design idea is to combine the modernity of cement with the elegance of resin in one product. Here is a collection of premium-quality porcelain. Smooth surfaces and versatile use.

In the best tradition of Caesar porcelain tiles, Join collection stands out for its remarkable technical features that make it perfect for a wide variety of applications on fl oors and walls, both indoors and outdoors.

An innovative surface for the delicate tactile sensation. The smooth appearance conveys a new look capable of enhancing the environment.

Matte surface in line with current trends. In sizes up to 120×120 and with a R10 A+B non-slip coeffi cient,these tiles combine performance and aesthetics allowing installation wherever you want.

Characterised by a structure that guarantees a R11 A+B+C non-slip coeffi cient and a thickness of 20mm, these tiles are ideal for shaping solutions designed to enhance outdoor living.

COLOURS FORMATS FINISHES and structure texture explore all shades of grey, sliding towards ethereal white and total black. 3 colour accents and 4 fi nishes sparks your imagination and make a statement in a wide array of environments. The introduction of the new 80×80 format expands the possibilities of use and completes our proposal for a more modern and constantly evolving market.


Informazioni aggiuntive


Candle, Chimney, Glare, Ink, Levity, Manor, Plume, Spice, Verve, Wing


11,7×60, 120×120, 30X60, 60×120, 60X60, 80×80


Matte, naturale, soft


R10 B interno – R11 C Esterni

Aspetto Superficiale

Effetto Cemento Resina

Indicazioni d'uso

Pavimento – Rivestimento

Destinazioni d'uso

Interni – Bagno – Cucina – Living – Esterni


Gres Porcellanato

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