Concrete has characterised and given shape to modern times. It has stepped into the new millennium as a protagonist to leave its indelible mark in architecture. BUILT porcelain stoneware is the interpretation of concrete beyond its main function as building material. It becomes a new manner to decorate interiors. BUILT is the expression of contemporary style.

The minimal nature of BUILT gives extra value to the product. The combination of materials becomes a tool for design; the subtle and refined aesthetics speak clearly. Ceramic material changes depending on the context. It adapts to the surface and extends over it. The structure with its slight changes in colour gives a dynamic feel but in
a delicate manner. Matt and glossy areas, micro-cavities and small speckles all give their contribution to the dynamic feel.

Continuity of surfaces, fields of vision that tend towards the infinite. The 160×320 and 160×160 sizes are a new and surprising development of the large sizes of Project Evolution, with its extra large ceramic slabs for monumental coverings to fulfil ambitions of beauty.

Shops, boutiques, ateliers, restaurants, outdoor locations. BUILT is a collection that has a strong content in terms of design. It is a tool for designers, interior designers and architects. BUILT gives a bold impression but is never intrusive. It has been designed to trace out spaces with elegance and very clear-cut aesthetics.

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120×120, 30X60, 60×120, 60X60


Matte, naturale


R10 B interno – R11 C Esterni

Aspetto Superficiale

Effetto Cemento

Indicazioni d'uso

Pavimento – Rivestimento

Destinazioni d'uso

Interni – Bagno – Cucina – Living – Esterni – centri commerciali


Gres Porcellanato

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Tutti i nostri prodotti, sia al mq che al pezzo, sono venduti unicamente a scatola completa.

Decori - Pezzi Speciali

30×30 mosaico
33.5×35 decoro